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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yes Man!

Yes Man, a movie by Peyton Reed starring Jim Carrey. Again? Yes Man! What? YES MAN!!!!

Ooh... For your information, "YES MAN" is a movie title. :)

It is a story about a man who always say NO, decline things that come upon him, and find life not interesting. Until he attended a 'YES' SEMINAR, things start to change. Read here for the details of the movie.

I really enjoy the movie. It was a comedy film with philosophy in it. Not to be miss. Now, how I relate it with Malaysia's Politic?

In one of the scene, Jim Carrey's character also known as Carl, promise to say YES in everything. He say YES without considering the pro and con. The end result? Go watch it :)

As for Malaysia Government, I observe them approving projects without much thought. They say YES without proper planning and consideration. Until something happen or it does not follow the original plan, they will revert it and repeat the same step again.

Some time, saying Yes could lead us into destruction. Some Yes could improve our life. Some Yes could bring awareness to the public. You say YES because you mean it. Not because you have to follow order from the higher authority. If it clash with your principles in life, object it. Stand firm on what you believe in.

How many "YES" that Malaysia's Government had approved, in which it benefit us? Got statistic?

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