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Monday, December 01, 2008

X-ISA VIGIL 30 Nov - Gathering getting more interesting!

Today, we are fortunate to have Kak Laila to share with us. Her son is with her and it is really inspiring to hear from her. I reached there around 8.20pm, in which I missed out some part of her sharing. Hope some good Samaritan would upload her sharing and let me be inspire again.

Who is she? Have you heard of the recent news where the PRO ISA protester have a flying kick over a young lady's car? Well, she was the one that was attacked by the Pro Isa. Sorry that I have not got her name. Was too busy cheering that I never pay attention. Either Haris or Richard was telling the crowd that she was here today. The people roar and cheers for her!!! There were thunderous applause when she went upfront.

She shared of how she was given punch and kick. Shame On You! She shouted to the Pro Isa people. Yes, they must be ashame that they have so many people against one great soul! Hat's off to you SIS! Malaysian must be more brave like her!

Few people come forward and shared with us. MIB was not around, but 'precious time' is there to shoo us away. Felt so sad the time is not with us! Can we go longer until 12am? LoL!
Some young souls singing Negaraku. Sunday Vigil saw a lot of young men and women come forward. The future generation hope. Estimated crowd around 200. More than previous week. I also met my former college friend whom I have not met for years! Glad he is part of us.

Finally, after everything was over, I finally met with Sanjiun and Sam. As we were chatting, Kak Laila came over. She shared with us of how she was being in her own world. After her husband was detained, she set up a blog and connect to the cyber world. People who supported her with comments in her blog came from different ethnic and background. Thus, this open her up and see the beautiful of Malaysian.

Kak Laila, If you are reading this post, I want to apologize for my ignorant attitude few years back when your husband was detained under ISA. I have not make any effort to speak against it. It was before the 308 Election that I started to be more aware of ISA and getting my self involve in politic. Being a part of this change is really important :) I will tell more about Kak Laila's changes / transition later this week.

Back to 2 young bloggers, S & S. Well, we are just around the same age, we have a lot to do for this nation. Perhaps I spoke too much this evening. Too excited when I talked about politic. :) It's really nice knowing you. Do not give up! Let us fight this battle together!

Next Post : Penang Trip!!!


peng said...

Jarod, that was a good outing last night! I hope to be able to join you all this Sunday. Still trying to work things out. Thanks for the update.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Jarod: I love your passion for justice. It tells me a little about you.

My school motto was "simple in virtue, steadfast in duty". That sounds like you! :)

Jarod said...


Come. It is getting interesting each week!


justice is inside my heart. Cannot take it when justice is not done. Cannot sleep well.

Thanks both of you for the comment.