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Saturday, November 08, 2008

7-Eleven & Anti ISA vigil @ PJ

Remember, Tomorrow Anti ISA vigil will start at usual time, 8PM. But I read that the BERSIH group will join us to commemorate their 1 year Anniversary. They will start at 9pm. Expecting a lot of people to storm the place!

Ipoh will have their first vigil. Tomorrow as well, 8pm at Tamam D.R. Seenivasagam.

We will surely remember the Happy day when RPK was released. Thus came 7-Eleven for us to remember it clearly that the court still stand on good warrior side. May he has enough rest and start gunning soon. I will surely remember 7-Eleven!

See you tomorrow at PJ Vigil!


peng said...

We Ipoh folks (well at least me and a few others) are excited about tomorrow's candlelight vigil in Ipoh. I hope others will come out in great numbers to show support.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

7-11. Good one!


Jarod said...

Hi peng,

Ipoh... my FAv town! My father was born and raised there! I am half Ipoh people.. :)

I sms-ed my uncle who is living there. I hope he will spread around.

Wish the Ipoh-rian will turn out in huge number. Lim kit siang will be attending as well. :)

Lita :) Next time you felt that the country is terrible or you are sad about Malaysia having no justice, Go to 7-11 convenience store!

Peng said it reminded him of convenience store, so i think i will ask everyone to go there and buy a drink. then remember the day 7-11 when justice has been done and RPK was FREE!

night :)