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Friday, November 07, 2008

Week of Change! Rpk freed!

Most of you would know at this hour that Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been freed this evening. Yes, the Shah Alam court ruled his detention illegal and Syed Hamid misuse his power.

I am witnessing a week of high intensity drama over US and Malaysia! First, it was the race for US Presidency. I long for Obama to win, and I must say it was really anxious to know the result! I must count my self fortunate to see the votes required to be President exceed the required vote in front of the PC. (I am at my University cyber cafe, hardly online during weekdays.) It was really hard for my joy to stuck inside my heart!!! I want to celebrate by shouting YES WE CAN loudly at that moment. But I cant...

Today, I see the light shines at RPK. He was freed with immediate effect! I must thank the Judge for being fair and not bias. Thanks all the lawyer who put in effort to bring him out. Come this Sunday, I will be going to the vigil to meet RPK and the rest of the bloggers. Same place at PJ Taman Jaya Open field, 9.30PM. Expect to have more people as we remember the Bersih movement.

I am extremely happy! Not that I am back to my comfort home, but RPK is back with the people! YES WE CAN!

Read Malaysiakini , thestar and NutGraph for RPK released news.

PS: I noticed that my readership had exceed 1k. Well, I put it few months back. It should have exceeded more than this amount since I started this blog in 2003. Have a nice day!

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Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

It's really nice to be able to interact with other like-minded bloggers about right-minded stuff.

I suspect the turnout on Sunday will be bigger so it may be harder to look for you. You look out for me too okay. Just to shake hands and seal our friendship!