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Friday, November 21, 2008

How to maintain Unesco standard?

As I read that former Penang Council had approved some building which has exceeded the standard set by the Unesco, may I ask that CM Lim Guan Eng have a chat with the developer. What he can do is to check with them whether do they want Penang to prosper or not. If they keen on just protecting the profit without thinking much, it would not be of good to them as well. With Unesco standard, their property will be worthy. If one day Penang lost the status, believe me, the price will surely drop.

So Developer that had the Penang land, please consider Penang future and also your property. I am sure you want to multiply your profit. Make some changes that will protect Penang heritage. Of course, it also benefit you :)

I love Penang! Maintain Penang UNESCO Heritage.

Read on Anil's point of view.

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