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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama speech after being declared President of US

With me here is the speech given by in coming President of United States. May his speech inspire you.

As the American chose to change, can we Malaysian too adopt the same spirit? Yes We Can.

It is just some certain people would not want change. They want to remain corrupted and lived in denial. But, we have to bear in mind, people speak via their votes. :) Have a good day!


Mat Cendana said...

Thanks for the link. I'm gonna give it a careful read. Then see how the Americans (Democrats and Republicans), EU, Third World, Muslim moderates and hardliners etc take it and *maybe* write something.

BTW I had added an "Update" at my last post with a mention of your post here.

carol® said...

hey :) thx for the transcript link~ his speech was really inspiring...

Jarod said...

You r welcome! Thanks Mat for the mention! :)

hey carol, first timer commenting? :) hehe... hope to hear more from you.

yes, his speech is really great. Hope it will inspire Malaysian to change to a better country!