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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Run for the FREEDOM of ISA detainee - ref Malaysiakini

I have no idea who came up with this program, but indeed it captured my attention.

350 KM? How are they going to run? 3 days marathon? For me, 20 KM already killed me when I ran for my high school marathon some years back.

Anyway, I think they have to do it in stages. From town to town would be feasible.

Good effort. Great motivation. Good Cause! For good health. Oh well, there is nothing bad about it. No cars allow ya!

I hope they will have permit to run. Else the Police or FRU will pick one by one on the road!

Read Malaysiakini for more information.


Anonymous said...

Free ISA Detainees Marathon !

Good idea to proceed immediately!

Syabas to all Peacemakers.

chong said...

i think it's more like the olympic torch passing style. you know, a group of people run 2-3km to pass the 'torch' to the next group of people. i don't thinking it is the people run from klang all the way to taiping. i hope i'm not wrong.

a very good idea indeed.
too bad it's on weekdays.

Jarod said...

chong , i just checked it out from my friend blog. Yup, baton run! From Pj, passing by several areas :)

Good one!! now, i will have da go and support!!! :)