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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

RPK strike again! There is hope for Pakatan PM!

RPK wrote another stunning article which captured my heart. Read some part of his article below. Taken From MalaysiaToday.

Yes, I think it will happen. And it may not be too long away, probably even before Christmas. The 8th March 2008 revolution has not ended. It is still continuing. It continued into the Permatang Pauh by-election. It will continue into the Kulim by-election if they dare declare that seat vacant – which was why they dropped the case. And the revolution will only end once the Umno prime minister has been kicked out of office.

I know many are no longer holding their breath. Most Malaysians have given up hope for Pakatan Rakyat taking over the federal government. Well, it may be too early to give up hope. If by Christmas it has not happened then maybe it’s time to get worried. Until then keep hoping and plan for this year’s Christmas to be the best Christmas in 51 years since Merdeka.

Keep Hoping! That is what he asked us to do. Well, certainly I am still hoping. But in the mean time, I am also preparing for GE 13!

Dear Santa, I wish for a better country and the release of All ISA Detainee. Not only that, I wish for the Pakatan to take over the Banana Brainless moron. Thank you!

Looks like Kamunting Hotel staff treat RPK pretty well. He is at his best again.

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