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Monday, November 24, 2008

23 Nov X-ISA PJ Vigil

^ Raining? No problem.

^ Rev. Anthony Loke, Methodist Church Pastor

^ Police: Told you not to break the rules yet you still break it ~ People: Oh well, just a T-shirt and candles all around... :D

Malaysian, you can have vigil in your own town. Just do it!

Sunday Vigil went smoothly and around 100 + people came. 7-10 first timer were there. Great to have you there. Get to meet up with Blogger friend , Steest :) Talked to Zorro.

When Tricia was speaking, I have this urge of going up and share. However, I did not make the move as there are so many people going up. May be the coming week? We'll see.

Pastor Sivin
and I agreed that we are old timer. Need to have more first timer to come and encourage one another. Visit steest's blog for more pictures.

Meanwhile, Ampang rally was not successful. Heavy rain and police cordon off the area. 7 people arrested. Read more at Malaysiakini English , BM , Mandarin (Hua Yi) Version.

TheStar have the story on Ampang Rally.


Mat Cendana said...

Have to take my hats off to you when it comes to "speed". I didn't know anything about this until I saw your entry at Facebook (this plus links to blogs plus SMS plus email go a long way when it comes to "communications")

Merah Hitam said...

Thanks for the report.By right, I have to be there to have my personal sharing with all of you...but couldnt make it coz I'm on the way from Teluk Intan to K.L.
My mum is in critical after having two major operations....
Will try to be there next time...

Kak Laila

Bangmalaysia said...

Nice Photos Jarod and well done.

Jarod said...

Hi Mat Cendana,

It was bad evening for me as my modem was KO when I want to use it. Then I was checking here and there and doing CPR... and finally it survive around 1AM... LoL! I consider my self slow. Some are much faster :) Like Anil... :D

Hi Kak Laila,

We will wait for you in the next gathering. Hope your mom is stable. A lot of people share with us. Yesterday theme was on Younger generation awareness. :) We need to bring awareness to them.


Thanks. Hope you can come next week.

peng said...

Oh I miss going to last night! Envious of you people having such a good time!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hi Jarod: Me again. It's like talking to my own son!

Thanks for the link! It's nice of you and generous too.

See you next week ok.

Jarod said...

Peng, See u in the coming week.

Lita, can i call you MOM? haha :D

you are most welcome!