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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Protecting Women and Children - Men have to be MORE responsible!!!

Worker claims trial to sex charge (TheStar online)


His counsel Simon Sabapathy applied for a low bail, saying that XXX was married and had to provide for five children aged between three and 19 years as well as his parents.


Why you give reason such as family to feed and etc...

I find it hard to digest when one person who have family commitment do such a thing. You know you have a family to sustain, to care, to love and you commit such a wrongful thing. Have you not thought of them?

Even then, have you not thought of the girl whom you rape? I am @##$%%38gong^%%$### angry! Women and children need your protection. You end up like a beast and now begged for sympathy! Who cares the heck of you if the initial point you think of others first?

Lesson to be learn: Think before you do anything! Think of others!

Click on the full report above if you want to read more.

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