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Friday, November 21, 2008

Actor sued Malaysia's Company - England Won Germany -

As I read on, this must be the most XIA XUEY (malu) news. Actor Bruce Willis sued Malaysia’s Petra Group and its chairman, Tunku Imran Ibni Tuanku Ja'afar, alleging that US$900,000 of the US$2 million he invested in a "green rubber'' venture wasn't returned to him. "faint!"

Read more at thestaronline.

Seized Mkini video tampered with

How can they handled the video taken in such a manner? If it was to be use for court case, then who is to responsible with it? Police cannot push away their responsibility as it was under their care. Who is responsible if the judge ask how come the video was lost? Police, I hope there is some rules or ethic in handling matter such as this. Else, it would be like no proper way of handling important matter and bring bad image to your department.

England won against Germany!!! Yey!

Young guns fire England football !!!

Read here for the news. They won 2-1. I am a hardcore fan of England Football team. :)


Patricia said...

Oooo cutie Bruce Willis, hahaha! Kena con, eh? Poor fler!

Jarod, have you heard his version of 'Under the boardwalk'? It's the best! Give it a listen :)

And he plays a mean harp, and sings the blues....


Jarod said...

I remember i hear his song before.... but was not really into it then. Hmm.. will check it out when I am free next week :)

Blues is just so nice. Have you heard of Johnny Horton and etc? Their classic and country style is nice.