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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Melbourne Cup & Tunku Abdul Rahman, Obama & McCain - Race of the Year!

Melbourne Cup will be up for grab today. My father told me about Tan Chin Nam good friend, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tan Chin Nam also have a memoir entitled Never Say I Assume! (2006). I am definitely going to purchase this book. I cannot recall since when I started to read memoir, now I am even more interested in the story telling of how a person fights for freedom or poverty to become a man/woman of worth.

On Tunku, Tan CN said in Malaymail interview :

My one regret was that Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, my racing partner in Malaysia and Singapore, had not had a leg of Think Big in order "to share the joy."

On sharing the joy

What is the point, after all, of drinking and playing alone? When two persons drink or own legs of a horse, you have more fun. When four persons drink or own legs of a horse, you get still more fun.

To read the complete interview, check it here.

How close could they be? Can Malaysian be back to the era where people are just as close as both of them? Well, its all up to the people to make a change in their life.

About house racing, I am quite interested after reading Seabiscuit novel. No, I haven't watch the movie. I managed to complete the novel last 2 months ago. It took me for quite a long time. I am interested not because of the bet on the horse, but the intense of the story where the horse and man race against all odd to win the greatest race.

Coincidentally, Nov 4th is also the day American votes for the President! McCain and Obama race against time to bring U.S. closer to a transformation! I am eagerly awaiting for the result. So do all the nation. Enjoy both race!

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